5 detox juice recipes to celebrate summer

-Juin 2021-

Our cravings for light meals intensify as the weather grows warmer and sunnier. Whether crafted from fruits, vegetables, herbs or cereals, juices are packed with vitality to energise both body and mind. Here are five vitamin-rich recipes that prove it.

Recipe from Hiroko Kageyama,

Chef at Le Comptoir Japonais in Paris 

“Alongside my work as a chef in Paris, I have multiple projects to conserve Japanese citrus varieties in France, Portugal and Morocco. Most people do not know that the 900 citrus species traditionally farmed in Japan are now endangered, in particular because of low yields and the advancing age of citrus farmers. Thus, they must be grown elsewhere. I developed this recipe for one of the many events that celebrate Franco-Japanese agriculture. The gathering was being held in Perpignan, which is what gave me the idea to create an ‘Afro-Asian’ detox water by combining common yuzu from China with the sweetness of watermelon, which has been grown for centuries in West Africa. The result is super-refreshing, intensely fragrant and ‒ most importantly ‒ delicious. “


1 yuzu

2 watermelon slices

¼ cucumber

1 apple

1 grapefruit (press one half, dice the flesh of the other half)

4 cm ginger root

1 rosemary sprig

1l mineral water


Julienne the yuzu. Cut the watermelon and apple in quarters. Slice the grapefruit and ginger root into thin rounds. Place the largest pieces (watermelon, grapefruit, apple) at the bottom of a container. Then add the other fruits on top (yuzu, cucumber, ginger root). Top with the rosemary sprig. Add mineral water and pressed grapefruit juice. Allow to macerate in the fridge for 6 to 10 hours.


This detox water should always be prepared the day before to give the fruit plenty of time to macerate in the water. Ideally, it should be consumed during or after a vigorous workout to enjoy its refreshing, relaxing properties. Finally, you can use the yuzu zest to season your dishes if you simply store it in a small freezer bag.


LE COMPTOIR JAPONAIS 3, rue Ternaux, 75011, Paris.

 Recipe from Yalda Alaoui, founder of Eat Burn SleepÒ, a brand-new lifestyle that stimulates health and vitality

“This carrot juice with orange blossom and cinnamon is a true health elixir. Carrots have extraordinary virtues. Not only do they help fight Candida, but they also promote eye and skin health thanks to their content in vitamin A, antioxidants and a natural cocktail of vitamins B1, B3 and B6. Finally, cinnamon helps stabilise blood sugar levels and orange blossom soothes the nervous system and improves sleep. “


Per person, prepared with a juice extractor 

4 medium carrots

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp orange blossom water


Rinse the carrots with water before placing them in the extractor. Do not peel: the fruits and vegetables skin contain most of the beneficial prebiotics and nutrients the body needs. Pour in a glass and add the cinnamon and orange blossom water. Stir thoroughly and drink immediately.



Recipe from Paula Casanovas,

Creative chef at EL TROPIC restaurant in Rabat

“When I think of spring, my mind immediately goes to the sun, longer days and all those brief moments when I can finally enjoy a few rays of sunshine. And when I think of the sun, carrots are never far beyond because they are probably the most sun-compatible food. Thanks to their beta carotene content, they are especially helpful for sun exposure as they stimulate melanin production, which means they protect against some UV rays while promoting tanning. The carrots have as well many other properties: they are an essential ingredient in a detox diet as their nutrients help cleanse the liver, protect the mucous lining of the stomach and work as a powerful anti-inflammatory by stimulating blood flow. When you mix kiwi and apple (both foods are excellent to cleanse and detox) with carrots, you add texture, fibre and satiety. Pinches of ginger root and turmeric are extremely beneficial because of their strong anti-inflammatory and digestive functions. “


3 carrots

1 kiwi

1 apple

25 grams ginger

1/2 tsp ground turmeric

1 black pepper pinch

3 mint leaves


After rinsing under water, scrub the carrots and apple with a vegetable brush. Do not peel. Peel the ginger root and the kiwi. Blend the carrots, apple, kiwi and ginger root in a blender or cold juice extractor. Add the turmeric and pepper. Stir well and serve.


For maximum freshness, I always add a few fresh mint leaves and some ice. And pinches of black pepper and turmeric, two precious spices that help the body’s metabolism work better. Serve in a tall, narrow glass. Bon appétit!

EL TROPIC Angle avenue Mohamed VI et, Avenue Sanbra, Rabat.

Instagram @eltropic


Recipe from Chama Tahiri,

co-founder of NIYA, a new vegan, cultural coffee shop in Casablanca

 “When it came to developing a juice for NIYA, although I tend not to like green juices in general, I instinctively turned to celery juice. Now I can’t get enough of it. I use the stalks and the leaves and I love the super-fresh, invigorating anise flavour it brings! It is full of essential minerals and vitamins C and K, in addition to its antioxidant and diuretic qualities. Combined with cucumber, Granny Smith apples, lemon and ginger, you get a lovely, pale green juice with lots of fibre; that hydrates your system. It is an excellent combination to support the intestinal flora and to boost the immune system. I recommend preparing it with a juice extractor as the food retains its properties better when pressed cold. “


– 1 to 2 bunches celery (I use the leaves, though they are optional)

– 1 Granny Smith apple

– 1 medium cucumber

– juice of 1 lemon

– 1 small piece of fresh ginger root (to taste)


Run the fruits and vegetables through the extractor (in any order). Stir. Consume immediately to reap the benefits. Note that this juice will keep very well in the fridge for about 12 hours, especially because cold pressing preserves the nutrients and the lemon prevents oxidation.


Serve in a conical glass made from recycled glass. Add a thin stalk of celery, Bloody Mary style! Cheers!

NIYA 34, rue Sebou, Gauthier District, Casablanca.

Instagram @niya_casablanca


Recipe from Youssef Guennouni,

Co-founder of Organic Kitchen restaurant in Casablanca

“Spring is a great time to purify the body and shed the extra pounds from winter. It is also an opportunity to get rid of all the bacteria and other foreign bodies that chip away at our immune system throughout the year. This juice is great for quickly restoring energy after a long day of work. It is super-loaded with vitamin C to help the liver effectively do its job of purifying the system and instantly jump starts the entire immune system. Drink as much as you like. “


1 Granny Smith apple, cored

1 small bunch white grapes

1/4 cucumber

1 kiwi, peeled

2 handfuls kale

10 sprigs coriander

1/2 tsp powdered spirulina


Thoroughly wash all ingredients. Run them through a juice extractor with skins on. Stir and serve.
Suggested presentation 

Add a pretty sprig of coriander to the lip of the glass.


ORGANIC KITCHEN 6-8, rue Ahmed El Mokri, Casablanca.

Instagram @organickitchenmaroc

Interviewed by Éléonore A. Bénit, journalist and influencer



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