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6 golden rules for perfect skin this winter


-January 2021-

This winter, the combination of semi-lockdown and temperature variations (cold outdoors, hot indoors) will make dry skin inevitable. To help defend the face against external factors, moisturizing the skin is not enough. The whole skin routine needs to be adapted. Targeted care, essential gestures: here is our best advice for glowy and radiant skin, even in winter.

It is necessary to tailor a dedicated skincare prescription to each season. The main issue in winter is obviously dry skin. Skin is directly impacted from falling outside temperatures and, this year in particular, the curfew and travel restrictions require us to stay more often and longer at home with the resulting exposure to log fires, artificial heating and heavy meals tending to block the pores. For well hydrated skin over the winter period, here are 6 tips to apply through to late March.

  1. Layer up

When it gets cold, when it comes to skincare, as with garments, layering is a great idea. For fresh and radiant skin, even when the temperature drops, take your inspiration from the Koreans who tend to layer skincare products and textures. The ideal winter routine? A combination of oils, serums, day or night masks and moisturizing care applied in a specific order. The golden rule? Start with the lightest and work up to the thickest. In practice, start with a fluid serum, then follow up with a light moisturising cream then a richer one to end up with one or several nourishing oils.

Our favourite marocMaroc product: Richesse d’Arganier, nourishing face cream, ultra-moisturizing cocooning care with a generous oily phase (argan oil) is combined with an aqueous phase (hyaluronic acid) to offer dual hydration.

  1. Choose a comforting make-up remover

In summer, foaming formulas are popular because they deep-cleanse the pores and combat excess sebum. In winter, however, it is advisable to turn to a more comforting solution. And in this case, cleansing milk receives professionals’ seal of approval. With its softening, moisturizing and

soothing active ingredients, cleansing milk respects the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Make-up, mascara and other impurities are easily removed without stripping the skin’s balance.

Our favourite marocMaroc product: Caresse de Néroli, gentle make-up remover, has a rich and melting texture that cleanses, soothes and moisturizes, all at the same time.

  1. Choose the right exfoliator

Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation is just as essential in winter as in summer. The frequency should however be reduced (once or twice a week maximum) and gentle, moisturizing textures preferred. The ideal solution? A balm formula enriched with natural microbeads to stimulate the sebaceous glands while boosting the skin’s natural hydration via the hydrolipid film.

Our favourite marocMaroc product: Grains de Lumière, exfoliating wax-cream, has a balm formula that softens and becomes milky-white when in contact with water and then gently exfoliates. Gentle on the skin, it removes dead cells and leaves the skin feeling velvet-soft, while respecting it.

  1. Protect against UVB rays

Even in winter, even in cloudy or rainy weather, the sun’s rays are just as dangerous as in summer. It is therefore absolutely necessary to continue to wear a protection factor of at least SPF 30. Whether driving or walking around the city, don’t forget to protect your skin with light, non-oily textures that blend in easily underneath your make-up. A smart idea is to use mists that evenly diffuse micro-droplets and are easy to re-apply throughout the day.

  1. Behind the mask

Not the surgical variety of masks but those that will care for your skin. In winter, the humidity rate drops, moisture in the air evaporates faster and skin becomes dehydrated.  As a result, moisture-deprived skin finds it difficult to assimilate nutrients and a vicious (polar) circle is triggered. How to sidestep this? Immediately follow up exfoliation with a good purifying and/or moisturizing mask.

Our favourite marocMaroc product: Terre du Désert, very purifying face mask, especially for combination to oily skin. Consisting of 100% natural ingredients in a rich and comfortable formula that purifies and re-balances the texture of the skin.

  1. Healthy lifestyle

You are not to blame. 2020 was a terrible year for everyone and the end of the year is certainly not the time to feel guilty. However, travel restrictions, the curfew and temporary restaurant closings have had a negative impact on our mood. And on our organism. Deprived of outdoor activity, our vitamin D levels have slumped. To offset this, it is important to try to expose the body (or at least the face) to the sun a few minutes every day. That is enough for the organism to synthesise all the vitamin D it needs. In the kitchen, fill up on fatty fish, eggs, cereals and avocado. In the bedroom or in the lounge, do not turn up the heat or reversible air-condition too much. And don’t forget to drink lots of water! It’s the best way to guarantee well hydrated skin. Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water/day will keep the facial skin softer, more resistant and radiant.

Interviewed by Éléonore A. Bénit, journalist and influencer


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