Essential hydration


-Septembre 2020-

…or how the simplest step promises to leave your skin looking beautiful

Whether you have been using cosmetics for just a short time or for years, moisturizer is most likely one of the first skincare products you discovered, regardless of your skin type. If you pay attention, logically, there is always a moisturizing skincare product in your toiletry bag. If this is not the case, what we have to say is sure to convince you to make the right resolutions to ensure your skin looks beautiful and you can look positively towards the future.

Far from being “basic”, moisturizing is the foundation for a beautiful skin, which will age more serenely than dried out, stressed, scarred skin… Well-moisturized skin is soft, full and plumped up and fills fine lines from the inside, promising a fabulous complexion. Whenever the skin becomes dehydrated, the opposite effects are quickly observed! You guessed it, you should choose purely moisturizing creams or products with multiple active ingredients which effectively moisturize for your everyday beauty routine. In addition, do not forget that moisturizing is not just important for naturally dry or mature skin! Oily skin also needs to be moisturized, just not with the same formulas as for dry skin.

Skin hydration is maintained in several different ways:

  • by nourishing it with moisturizers which bind water (like hyaluronic acid for example),
  • by providing agents which boost natural skin hydration (NMF “natural moisturizing factor” which describes how the skin self-moisturizes),
  • Finally, by preventing water present in the epidermis from evaporating (process called TEWL, transepidermal water loss). Regarding this last point, we understand the interest of the natural hydrolipid film, which covers our skin and “traps” water in the tissues: whenever it becomes cracked or its structure is damaged, the skin immediately becomes dry and feels tight. A non-uniform film no longer fulfills its purpose as a defensive barrier. Aside from the unpleasant sensations, the skin is less well equipped to deal with all factors which accelerate aging (pollution, sun, cold etc.).

For optimal hydration, ensure you limit use of abrasive products (excessive exfoliation, once or twice a week is more than enough, no stripping cleanser etc.), drink a lot of water all year round and… do not hesitate to ask for advice from a therapist who will establish a skin diagnostic. The hydrolipid film requires selected fatty substances to restore its structure: marocMaroc only uses naturally biocompatible and restructuring plant butters and oils. Their efficacy is immediately obvious.

Find what you need for your face or body in our range. Get your fill of hydration and softness for your face with Richesse d’Arganier or Roses de Sucre for your body. For a boost of fresh cells, check out the ultra-soft texture of Grains de Lumière for the face and Caresse de Néroli for delicate make-up removal.


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