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Rhassoul is a type of clay collected in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, where the soil is not fertile but dry. Rhassoul requires limited intervention; it is simply dried in the sun and sometimes reduced to a fine powder to facilitate use.

In pharmaceutics and cosmetics, it is frequently used to neutralize substances or purify an environment, for example water.

It is different from other clays due to its ability to absorb large amounts of water (1.66 times its weight), becoming a liquid paste. Ancestral Moroccan rituals have been using it for many years for its cleansing properties.

Rhassoul is often combined with a floral water or argan oil to create a 100% natural mask.  Applied to the skin or hair, it captures sebum and impurities, acting like a natural mineral soap.


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Receive a free marocMaroc Headband with every order over 80€/850 dhs.
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