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Looking fab with a face mask


-February 2021-

…or how to keep your make-up intact during a pandemic 

Unfortunately, masks are now part of our everyday lives. While these little layers of fabric or polypropylene are a must to keep us safe, they also mean that everything we thought we knew about beauty has now gone out the window. Should we continue to wear make-up? What formulas should we prioritise? The new techniques to adopt to stay glam? Let’s take a look!

  1. Maximise hydration

Redness, irritation, spots, increased sebum… Masking up has serious harmful effects for your skin. One of the solutions is to double your moisturising efforts. And you may as well opt for a richer cream than you would normally use, all the more so in winter. Well-moisturised, the skin will be better equipped to protect itself from attacks. If you can, apply your moisturiser just before pulling on your mask. And if the strings tend to irritate behind your ears after hours of wear, apply a little moisturiser there too.

  1. Zero foundation

Foundation + sweating = inflamed pores guaranteed! So, it’s better to put your foundation away when you know you’re going to have to wear a mask for a good part of the day. That said, if you still want a flawless complexion, there are alternatives. For example, applying a primer over your moisturiser will smooth the skin and neutralise redness without blocking the pores. If you have dark undereye circles or look very tired, applying a little concealer and loose powder to set it should do the trick! And if you really can’t do without good coverage, opt for lightweight, non-comedogenic textures like a high-coverage powder, BB or CC cream or even a tinted moisturiser. Finish with a little liquid blusher (flush) and skip the highlighter or bronzer.

  1. Intense eyes

When you’re wearing a mask, all the attention is focussed on the upper half of your face, so you may as go all out! Here’s a quick reminder of eye make-up dos and don’ts:

*Opt for a single colour (or gradated tones) and apply only to the mobile eyelid.
*Choose shades based on your eye colour: warm tones like bronze or taupe for light-coloured eyes, colder colours like grey or green for hazel or brown eyes. As for black, good news, it suits everyone… And promises a very rock look, perfect for covid-friendly dinners between 6 and 8 p.m.!

*To give your lashes a lift, whether you apply eyeshadow or not, invest in a good mascara enriched with collagen. And for even more volume, apply multiple layers.

*The most daring will give in to the temptation of eyeliner (to draw on with your eyes closed).

*Finally, even more than usual, make sure your brow line is perfect. Your brows are what define your eyes. Hair removal, grooming, re-defining with pencil or powder… follow all the steps.

  1. Light lips

As for lip make-up, just like foundation, we recommend going without, unless you opt for a transfer-proof, long-wearing formula. You should still keep your lips moisturised throughout the day by regularly applying a lip balm or plumping lip polish.

  1. Adopt an astringent

To avoid endless spots appearing under your mask, you can also spritz your face with a thermal water combined with a few drops of tea tree essential oil, a broad-spectrum antiseptic with antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Finally, if your skin becomes shiny during the day, reapply powder to the face with a clean cotton pad and translucent powder. And whatever happens, don’t forget that changing your mask every 4 hours is recommended.

Interviewed by Éléonore A. Bénit, journalist and influencer


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