• Bois de Sucre

    Olivia Giacobetti

    Bois de Sucre

    This perfume is the fruit of the bold blend of white wood warmed by the sun, and gourmet, oh so slightly sugary notes. Strong and powerful cedar wood and cinnamon bark are soothed by the subtlety of almond and slightly reserved orange blossom which lifts the ambiance. This elegant creation flourishes in two foaming skincare products which really come into their own in contact with water vapor.

  • Eau de Source

    Marie Salamagne

    Eau de Source

    Specifically designed to adorn face care products, and in particular to purify the skin, this perfume plays with the elements, with accents which are sometimes earthy, sometimes watery and sometimes even airy. This sensory waltz is orchestrated by fruit. The freshness of melon is savored along with cheery citrus – tangy lemon and up-front bergamot redolent of Earl Grey tea. The ozone note penetrates the creation for an airy, aqueous accord, carrying with it a little of the softness of shy green lily of the valley.

  • Musc Blanc

    Marie Salamagne

    Musc Blanc

    This fabulously floral creation was designed for the face, while drawing on flowers with a real physical presence. A rose in the morning, still coated with dew droplets, takes to the stage with violet and its sugary sweetness. A conversation starts gently, while lilac, with its surprisingly balsamic, floral and spicy personality, makes its appearance. The ylang base note reveals itself with a slight jasmine vibe – but more transparent – and delicious spicy facets. All the ingredients necessary for an unforgettable floral accord!

  • Paillettes d’Ambre

    Marie Salamagne

    Paillettes d’Ambre

    This note is the fruit of a spicy composition, pushed to the extreme so you can really feel its strength… but subtle nonetheless. Benzoin, a real tree resin, preserves the soft, milky nuances. It settles on a calm, enveloping musk and warm, sensual and slightly powdery amber. The ensemble is structured by a sweet cinnamon base note and myrrh which might remind you of frankincense. This resin adopts an aromatic vibe, similar to moss. The creation becomes unforgettable, like our body care products which have adopted it.

  • Pluie de Fraîcheur

    Marie Salamagne

    Pluie de Fraîcheur

    This creation flatters flowers, in particular jasmine, more mysterious than ever… We discover it as a head note, very present in the heart of the composition where this floral-fruity scent develops enchanting facets. It couples up with sensual amber, then peony which calms the ambiance with its light, airy personality, almost like lily of the valley. Lily gradually imposes itself as an ultra-soft base note.

  • Rhassoul

    Marie Salamagne


    Truly suited to haircare products, this note evokes purity and should flutter through the hair without weighing it down. Moroccan authenticity is rewritten in a very powdery note: sandalwood with suave, milky tones combined with amber and its powdery, warm oriental vibe. Resinous cedar wood is soothed by a velvety leather touch. Earthy, almost humid patchouli always perfectly complements cedar wood and sandalwood for a very pleasant final accord.

  • Rose Loukoum

    Marie Salamagne

    Rose Loukoum

    The name says it all, just like the note! It’s impossible not to be transported by this gourmet, powerful and velvety garden rose. It lounges on a powdery, barely waxy violet, and a praline which sweetens up the composition with gourmet, lightly caramelized, oh so dulcet flavors. Mysterious sandalwood and subtle neroli base notes serve as the foundation. This perfume might remind you of summer fruits, but the indulgence and sweetness of the rose are the real conductors of this extraordinary composition. You’ll love it in your body care products, where the notes bounce perfectly of the skin.

  • Vapeur

    Olivia Giacobetti


    This creation transports us to the heart of a real forest. Candid, warm, bold, extremely addictive. Resinous wood like cedar and balsamic wood like eucalyptus rub shoulders with spicy notes. Cinnamon adopts vanilla accords by playing with these woods and a hint of rosewater, while nutmeg develops warm, peppery facets. This highly-fragranced perfume is deliciously original and enveloping. We enjoy using it in our 100% oil body products.

  • Zeste d’Amande

    Marie Salamagne

    Zeste d’Amande

    Discover almond, spiced up by original associations to reveal its most mysterious facets. Always sweet, almost silky, musk just feels clean and forms a harmonious couple with almond, bringing out its woody aspects. Violet is like a gentle, powdery breeze; it is boosted by hawthorn, floral and sensationally sweet. This perfume unveils itself in the hair and is used in some of our hair products.

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