Our protocols offer a new take on the traditional Teksal technique. Warmth, vigor, stimulation, then relaxation, naturally flow one into the other.
The hot steam bath perfumed with essential oils releases toxins and relaxes the muscles and mind. It prepares the face and body for other treatments.
A real sensation of purity and well-being to eliminate any kind of stress.

This complete Hammam ritual will be followed by the ceremonial massage in a treatment booth. The body feels fulfilled, skin radiant and the mind clear.

Rituel hammam Evasion marocMaroc

Escape Hammam

The Kessa glove is combined with a gourmet exfoliating balm for an ultra-purifying scrub. Then comes soaping with the Infusion d’Orange orange blossom shower milk. A trip to the heart of traditional techniques.

temps-pour-soi (1)

Indulgent Hammam

A stunning mix of original techniques as part of a very specific process. The You Time hammam completes the Escape Hammam with hydration using the fabulous Rose de Sucre cream in the treatment booth.

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