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Jardin Mille Roses

Perfumed body water


Fall Essentials

Jardin Mille Roses

Perfumed body water


Perfumed body mist, leaves a light veil of its fragrance on the skin. Read more

200 mL


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Jardin Mille Roses

Perfumed body water

This perfumed water is a hybrid of a gentle mist and perfumed rain shower. It leaves a light veil with an addictive aroma on the skin. The perfumer wanted to use an authentic rose – like those you find in your garden – whose indulgence is pushed to the max by combining it with raspberry and even lokum notes. A shower of this floral water immediately transports the mind.


Bring all the rose’s virtues to life: its softness on the skin, its olfactory personality with multiple facets, showcasing its sugary side.

What makes it unique

This perfumed water promises a refreshing boost that doesn’t just have to be limited to the morning. We’ve even heard that some people are using it as a room spray.

Core formula & benefits
Jardin Mille Roses - Perfumed body water - marocMaroc

Jardin Mille Roses

The Ritual

Jardin Mille Roses

The Ritual



After bathing or showering, at any time of day, spray this mist on your body like a little shower of rain.



You can then rub it in with firm movements, allowing it to penetrate the skin. Close your eyes if spraying on your hair.



To give the note a boost, feel free to apply our Roses de Sucre body cream, scented with the same perfume, on a daily basis.

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