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-October 2021- In her book, a cross between a diary and journalistic research, Lili Barbery-Coulon tells how she managed to get her life back on track through her experience with yoga, reconnecting with the cosmos and self-love.

Lili Barbery-Coulon, blogger and former Vogue journalist, is on a journey to self-transformation, reconnecting with her inner self and raising her self-esteem. After years of hiding her depression, she recounts how she achieved this personal revolution in “The Reconciliation”, a fascinating and inspiring book. By Éléonore A. Bénit

As a long-time beauty editor for the famous Vogue Paris and later a journalist for M, the magazine of Le Monde, Lili Barbery-Coulon has long sported all the outward signs of a successful life. This smart, well-heeled, trendy and happily married Parisian mother of a little girl has enjoyed a steady stream of business class press junkets and invites to experience breathtakingly luxurious and beautiful palaces and spas. What could she possibly complain about? And yet this dreamy Parisian life concealed a whole host of misery. Bulimia, malaise, inner emptiness… Lili’s life was indeed haunted by deep inner despair, which no one could have suspected. She who had “everything to look the happiest in the world”.




One night in February 2016, in the year of her fortieth birthday – having reached the end of her tether – Lili Barbery-Coulon, who a few months earlier had launched a blog called My Recreation, (“Ma Récréation”), started writing about a subject markedly unlike anything she had written before. A much more personal piece of writing than those she generally devoted to her favourite spots, entitled “How I argued with my body”. It was composed with a sense of urgency, “an unvarnished and unadulterated presentation. A plunge into nothingness. An essential step on the road to recovery”, this article was a resounding success. In it she reveals part of her pain, as she has been struggling with eating disorders for years. The messages from readers quickly abounded. Many of them identified with her experience of drastic dieting and self-loathing. Something inside her had just been triggered. And Lili vows that she will “explore anything that might put her back in touch with her body, aside from dietary restrictions.” The illusion is over.




One day, a friend urged her to tag along to a yoga class given by Caroline Benezet, a well-known Kundalini teacher in Paris. With some resistance – and three months of regular classes – Lili came to experience the benefits, and later the euphoria, of this practice. This marked the beginning of her metamorphosis. What followed was a series of important encounters and discoveries – the Marie Kondo method, a chef who conveyed how to experience life’s simple joys, a young woman who had overcome cancer – that led Lili to gradually adopt a healthier and slower lifestyle. Overnight, she left her job as an employee, created her own company and decided to radically change her career.

Now, Lili Barbery-Coulon has become one of the most prominent French-speaking Kundalini yoga teachers around. During the first lockdown, her free 6 p.m. meditations on Instagram exploded the visibility of this “yoga of awakening” previously reserved for a handful of initiates. Every day, she shares on her Instagram account and on her blog all the small and big things that have helped her to reconnect with herself – and that she describes in her book. Due to the pandemic, she also currently offers online courses via the Zoom application, bringing together students from all over the world with great success. Lili Barbery-Coulon’s book, subtitled “Body Acceptance”, is “not a method for reshaping one’s own life (…) but a way to reconciliation, a path to letting go”


The Reconciliation, Ed. Marabout, 17,90€ on Amazon 



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