The Wellness Interview with Judith Ritchie

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-November 2020-

Judith Ritchie, holistic beauty guru

For our first “wellness interview”, we had the pleasure to talk to Judith Ritchie, Canadian journalist, author and lecturer specialised in holistic beauty. She tells us about her wellness philosophy, her 100% healthy beauty routine and the places she deems worth a visit in Quebec and Morocco. Interviewed by Éléonore Abaroudi Bénit.

How did you first get involved with the beauty world?
I was 20. I was finishing up my studies in journalism and helping the beauty editor of a major fashion  magazine in Quebec. I was opening boxes and sorting through beauty products, familiarising myself with brands, the big names in the business. The foundations were laid, and three years later I was appointed beauty editor.

You’re from Quebec, you worked for years in Paris as Beauty Editor at L’OFFICIEL Paris and you travelled the world looking for the most beautiful spas and retreats. How did this cultural melting point influence your vision of beauty?
In Quebec, I spent 9 years covering beauty from a North American viewpoint. I attended a host of events in New York, Toronto and Montreal. I visited spas in Arizona, Los Angeles, Miami… It was the American beauty dream! Then, the position of Beauty Editor at L’OFFICIEL Paris allowed me to explore beauty around the world. The beauty realm in Paris, obviously, but also in Morocco, the Middle East, Asia… Now I wasn’t just writing for women in Quebec or Paris, I was writing for women all over the world because the content was translated in international editions. I took this influential role very seriously. Because in Paris, “we don’t follow trends, we set trends!” as the magazine editor taught me. “You become the influencer, an indisputable guarantee of quality…”  I was aware that what I talked about had a real impact on international beauty trends and what women thought of their own beauty. By choosing wellness topics, which was not at all the norm at the time, I was already moving towards a more meaningful quest for beauty.

You are very attached to the principle of “holistic beauty”, you even talk about a “vibratory soul-lift”. Can you explain this to us…
Through the various retreats I have tested, my encounters with beauty gurus, places I have explored imbued with a specific energy which boost you with their simple naturalness, I went through a host of personal changes which transformed by own vision of beauty. My eyes started to sparkle again, with restored purity. My skin was transformed by yoga. I realised that the emotions determine seriousness! Working on our body’s subtle energies, our mental blocks, our stress, our fears, allows us to reach our full potential in terms of light and inner beauty. By a vibratory soul-lift, I mean that our vibratory rate, our light energy, diffuses timeless radiance on our skin. We can look younger at any age if we work on what’s inside. We are not separate from the source! The dermis is a substance but the substance is energy… and vibration.

What beauty rituals from around the world inspire you the most?
I have to admit that Morocco was my most beautiful discovery in terms of rituals. I am completely in love with Morocco and a huge fan of hammams. I love the smell of orange blossom, rose and argan oil which are part of my daily beauty routine.

You know Morocco really well because you have been there several times on holidays or for work. What wellness hotspots, spas or hotels would you recommend?
Who wouldn’t want to surrender to the most sacred purification ritual in Moroccan traditions, the hammam at the Royal Mansour Spa. In the heart of  enclosed alcoves and mashrabiyas, in the immaculate white atrium. Peace, intimacy, pure luxury. A temple of beauty! I can’t but mention Dar El Sadaka as well, an exceptional villa where contemporary art and wellness flirt with luxury codes. In each of the seven suites and rooms of the villa, you can discover a beautiful motley of architectural creations and giant animal sculptures. These creations are signed by the property’s owner, visual artist Jean-François Fourtou, a yoga and meditation enthusiast.

What beauty routine do you follow each day?
Hydration, hydration, hydration! In Quebec, the seasons are very distinct and the skin quickly becomes dehydrated. I am a fan of moisturising masks and face creams to which I add a few drops of argan oil. I exfoliate my face twice a week. And I take a bath in Epsom salts with a few drops of moisturising oils every evening to help me sleep deeply.

What are your favourite hair products?
My hair is naturally wavy so I let it dry naturally and add a few drops of oil to smooth any frizz.

A sport to look after your figure?
Yoga and forest walks. Skiing and snowshoeing in winter.

A new wellness technique?
At the minute, I am trying diligence. It works, but you have to keep starting over again (laughs)!

Do you take food supplements regularly?
No, but I do drink rosemary and turmeric herbal teas to help my liver and gall bladder.

Instagram accounts where you can find new beauty inspirations?
Landscape photographs. In Morocco I follow Saad Alami. Otherwise, there is Réhann, for the pure beauty of the soul showcased in his portraits. I follow people who I love, who I really know. The people who are not all about appearance and do not post regularly.

Muses that inspire you?
My granny, she’s 95. For her elegance, clear mind, intelligence, strength and resiliency.

On a trip to Canada, what should we pick up in the beauty aisle?
Head to Strom Nordic Spa for relaxation surrounded by boreal nature. The brand has four spas in stunning locations, including one beside the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec City.

You are behind the holistic beauty site What do you talk about there?
Spirituality, skincare routines but always from a global perspective of beauty, I mention the best spots around the world in terms of spas, soul psychology, esotericism, energy from stones… Go and have a look on

The best beauty tip you’ve been given up until now?
Spend as much time as possible in nature.

The motto that guides you in life?
“I told you so”, kind regards, your intuition.

Photo credit @StéphaneLosq

Interviewed by Éléonore A. Bénit, journalist and influencer



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