What next for the world?


Insoutenable Paradis (Unsustainable Paradise) sets out to elevate our environmental awareness and re-evaluate our model of society.

It’s hardly news – the planet is on its knees. But now we know, what are we going to do about it? In purely practical terms, we can go organic, become locavores, choose clean beauty products, or simply make our everyday actions greener. But is that enough to make us eco-heros? And do we have no choice but to give up our modern comforts? Should we feel guilty every time we take a bath, take the car, or take a holiday in Bali – when we can travel again – for fear of sending our carbon footprint skyrocketing in the process? Does it really all come down to individual action?

“Contemplating ways to reduce our quality of life for the good of the environment is difficult. But another approach is to take a step back, think differently about happiness, and understand that we are nature.” — Gregory Pouy

Absolutely not, says Grégory Pouy, who with his book Insoutenable paradis, offers a clear-sighted and humanistic study in which he attempts to resolve the challenges facing our modern societies, in particular the climate issue. Philosophical yet pragmatic, his analysis is as much a quest as it is an inquest, seeking to help us develop our environmental awareness and in the process, resolve the contradictions that fill our daily lives as Homo Numericus – where everything moves at an ever-faster pace and the society of abundance on which we pinned all our hopes, no longer seems to make us happy.

“In reality, the society of abundance is abundant with things that are predominantly useless” — Gregory Pouy

In the book’s chapters, its Parisian author, who describes himself as a “cultural analyst”, meets key players in civil society, as well as entrepreneurs and intellectuals. In this way, he sets out to understand what we still need to change, how and how quickly, before the earth’s disastrous fate becomes truly inevitable. Written with beautiful simplicity, this book provides perspective on our way of life, an inspiring discussion for addressing our own contradictions, and some pointers for giving or restoring meaning to our lives and reconnecting: with ourselves, with others and of course, with nature.

By Éléonore Abaroudi Bénit,

Journalist and influencer

Who is it for? All those who aren’t necessarily eco-warriors but are still environmentally aware. Insoutenable paradis, Gregroy Pouy, Dunod. 220 MAD at livremoi.ma (and available to order from all good bookshops throughout the Kingdom).


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