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    Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions by our clients:

    Are marocMaroc products suitable or contraindicated for women when they are pregnant or nursing?
    Are the products non-comedogenic?
    Are there any nanoparticles in your products?
    Do you test your products on animals?
    Are the products made with natural ingredients?
    What country do your ingredients come from?
    Do marocMaroc products contain paraben?
    Is the origin of your fragrances natural or synthetic?
    Are the products silicones free?
    How do I know the use-by date of your products?
    How can I get advice on your products?
    I forgot my account's password. What should I do?
    Which point of sale is closest to my home?
    How can I get samples if my point of sale that works with marocMaroc product do no longer has any?