Our Ethics

At marocMaroc we believe in beauty that goes beyond outward appearance. We are committed to offering beauty products that are not only effective and of the highest quality, but also manufactured with integrity and responsibility.

Each formula is carefully crafted with the health of our customers and the planet in mind. We favor natural, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients. Our ethical approach guides every decision we make, with the aim of promoting true beauty that celebrates diversity and nurtures well-being at every level.

Our skincare products are Universal

We have always taken into account the existence of a wide variety of skin types and skin tones as well as the diversity of climates in the countries where we want our products to be distributed. Our offer allows us to cater for you, regardless of your skin type or tone.

marocMaroc definitely appeals to women, but also men, through our treatments which are all about water and well-being.
It was also vital for us to cater for several generations. Our product offer provides multiple responses to issues encountered at all ages.

Respect and Security

The magnificent Moroccan raw materials which are at the heart of our brand – plants and regions – deserve refined formulas. To benefit from recognized expertise in cosmetology, our skincare products are and have been formulated, produced and tested in France from the outset.

Our cosmetics are created by blending together plants, technology and unique know-how. Our formulas have never contained mineral oils or even silicone. We use technical ingredients, supplied with evidence of their efficacy, which we confirm by testing the finished products.

Cactea Well-Ageing - Soins Visage - marocMaroc

We listen to our Customers

Our skincare products are used every day in numerous spas and beauty salons. All feedback given in the field helps us to develop our brand with full knowledge of the facts.

We closely monitor key cosmetic trends, and in particular what customers are looking for. We are constantly improving and building on our offer. Our skincare products are frequently reformulated and updated to move forward at the same pace as science, legislation and customer demands!

If you have any questions or comments, use this form to share them with us. We always answer our customers!