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Our brand

Our name reflects our story and what inspired the 24 skincare products for the face and body that marocMaroc proposes today.

Our cosmetics offer a new take on Moroccan beauty traditions, bring out the best in Mediterranean flora which is bursting with benefits and reinvent hammam rituals. With elegance and poetry, our skincare products have been promising beauty and well-being for 16 years, with carefully chosen ingredients and unforgettable textures...

Morrocan nature

Our products invite you to explore the Moroccan nature which inspires us, guides us and is a ubiquitous influence in all of our ranges. To maximize the potential of nature, we build on the active ingredients it gives us while creating contemporary textures. To preserve them, we combine them with carefully selected cutting-edge ingredients. Whether it takes the form of argan, orange or almond trees or Roses, Moroccan nature is omnipresent in our exclusive skincare products.

Each product is designed as an invitation to explore authentic, timeless Morocco. We wanted to share magical experiences, where sensations and impressions abound… the sun bleaching the landscape scattered with almond trees, roses releasing their scent in the morning, stunning sand dunes, water trickling from patio fountains.

a rediscovered technique

Our story is set in a dreamy hammam, a hotspot for discovering the powers of water scented by fragrant plants and the accompanying regenerative techniques.

Our rituals for the body and face pay tribute to ancestral techniques. marocMaroc products are used in all treatment protocols, ensuring a unique, unprecedented experience.

Inspired by the ancestral beauty routines of Moroccan women, the marocMaroc adventure started in 2007, the fruit of a strong desire to pass on and promote this exceptional cultural heritage.

The marocMaroc line is characterized by elegant authenticity, each product inspired by a story, a ritual or an ingredient which evokes some element of Morocco.

For more than 16 years now, our teams have been striving to transport you and introduce you to age-old beauty techniques, through ultra-sensory, generous, and respectful skincare products.

marocMaroc plays a role in sharing these beauty rituals throughout the world. The passing on of this age-old cultural heritage is a great source of pride.

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