Cactéa - Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses

Cactéa - Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses

Soothing serum


Christmas selection

Cactéa - Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses

Soothing serum

Soothing and nourishing serum, protects the skin against premature ageing. Read more

30 mL


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Cactéa - Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses

Universal Face Serum

The Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses is a serum concentrated with Prickly Pear Oil in an extra-pure, effective, and highly natural (over 98%) skincare formula. The Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses provides a soothing, comforting, and nourishing effect. It helps to restructure the skin's natural protective film and prevents premature aging agents at the source with its omegas, which are essential for skin vitality.


An extremely sensorial 100% oily serum that enhances our emblematic ingredient by combining it with finely selected oils to deliver exceptional performances and feel on the skin.

What makes it unique

An exceptional concentration of Prickly Pear oil in an oily serum with a velvety, non-sticky finish that suits all skin types. A highly sensorial, comforting gesture.

Core formula & benefits
Cactéa Nectar d'Huiles Precieuses - Sérum Universel Soins Visage - marocMaroc

Proven efficacy

21 volunteers for 21 days


Stinging sensation on sensitive skin


Hydratation after 6 hours


Perceived feeling of moisturization


More supple skin and softness restored


Nourished skin

Cactéa - Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses

The Ritual

Cactéa Nectar d'Huiles Precieuses - Soins Visage Sérum Universel - marocMaroc

Cactéa - Nectar d’Huiles Précieuses

The Ritual



Unscrew the cap (keep it; it will be very useful for travel), remove the protective seal, and screw on the dropper.


Apply the drops

Collect a few drops of this oil and distribute it on the face and neck while massaging.



Use gentle and sweeping motions to enhance the beneficial sensations of the treatment.



This ritual can be performed in the morning and/or evening, before applying a Cactéa Cream.