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Infusion d’Orange

Shower milk


Infusion d’Orange

Shower milk


Shower milk, cleanses and refreshes the skin. Read more

250 mL


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Infusion d’Orange

Shower milk

A true sensory experience, this milk, treated to a vitamin boost by the fruit and orange blossom, becomes a fine and creamy scented foam which leaves the skin cleansed and soft. The steam in the bathroom smells delightful. You’ll step out of the shower feeling lighter, with rejuvenated, lightly-perfumed and comfortable skin.


Picturing the shower as you-time, time to look after yourself and your well-being, with a formula and orange wood perfume that are far from classic.

What makes it unique

Its texture is relatively light, reminiscent of a plant-based milk. This surprising formula locks up a very subtle perfume where the barely bitter orange is boosted by a hint of nutmeg. The ingredients of a little personal luxury to savor each morning…

Core formula & benefits
Infusion d'Orange - Soins Corps Lait Douche - marocMaroc



20 volunteers, 3 weeks of use, daily use.


of volunteers loved that this foaming product doesn’t pull the skin.


enjoyed that the product cleans gently without drying the skin. They rediscover a softened skin after shower or bath.


found their skin well protected.

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