Sens et Encens

Sens et Encens

Exfoliating body cream


Sens et Encens

Exfoliating body cream


Gentle exfoliating scrub, eliminates dead cells and softens the skin. Read more

200 mL


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Sens et Encens

Exfoliating cream

This product rolls hundreds of tiny exfoliating beads onto the skin for a surprising, very pleasant and extremely soft sensation. The dead cells which cause your skin to look dull and dry are gently eliminated, immediately leaving your skin radiant and feeling softer.


Being bold enough to overdose on these scrubbing particles, choosing them for their finesse to ensure an experience which is both sensory and effective.

What makes it unique

An extremely refined body exfoliator, which people with more delicate skin can apply to dry or damp skin to control its action, zone by zone. Note that this cream is very easy to rinse off.

Core formula & benefits
Sens et Encens - Exfoliating body cream - marocMaroc

Sens et Encens

The ritual

Sens et Encens - Crème Exfoliante Soins Corps - marocMaroc

Sens et Encens

The ritual



Depending on your preferences, massage this cream into dry or damp skin. Use sweeping movements, moving upwards, starting at the ankles



Rinse off in the shower.



Optimize hair removal by using this cream beforehand.

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