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Wellness by marocMaroc


The lockdown imposed due to the global pandemic changed our lifestyle and often our priorities. We decided to go even further in accompanying newfound desires to achieve harmony and serenity which are very much in line with our original philosophy. We made the most of this new take on everyday life to offer you ideas which we are now adopting long-term thanks to social media.

Our “Wellness by marocMaroc” program is founded on essential and simple pillars to implement in order to make positive changes in your everyday life. We encourage you to adopt the following practices:

  • Yoga for its philosophy and techniques. You can follow our 20 minute sessions, memorize the movements and listen to them again on IGTV. You’ll learn poses which will immediately have an impact on stress, fatigue, tensions etc.
  • Good food with healthy, easy-to-make recipes which are fab for your taste buds as well as your figure! The entire family will benefit from this recipe for happiness.
  • Beauty and well-being tips and advice to optimize your skincare products, be your skin’s and metabolism’s best friend.
  • Good and “unexpected” surprises. Our “surprise” participants cheer up your everyday life, share their experiences or discuss a specific topic.

Qualified and recognized experts chip in on our digital media to guide you. Instagram and Facebook will allow you embrace our mindset at your own rhythm. You have access to videos, “live” feeds and content packed with advice, recipes and tips.
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Receive a free marocMaroc Headband with every order over 80€/850 dhs.
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